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Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, 30st March

Watch this space.
(it's a provisional title, btw)

I know I don't know anyone on LJ who (to my knowledge) does this fandom (apart from elendiari22, who made me write it in the first place), but it's a place to put it down for now.

Title: A Wider World
Author: soubie
Fandom: Frozen
Characters: Elsa, Anna (sort of)
Disclaimer: No, not mine
Warnings: Slight spookiness, but nothing that would upset anyone who isn't Elsa
Summery: Two in the morning, about a week after the big thaw. Elsa's almost okay, and starting to make new plans for the future, it's just the, well, 'almost' bit that gets in the way.

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Guess the cause of over-research quiz

If I'm looking up akvavit, jactitation and the temperature at which steel becomes brittle, what fandom am I dabbling in? (No, quiz is not open to LittleEL)

Soubie and Little EL, again

We actually had 10 days, taking in a lot of London, Oxford, Chatsworth and Buxton, but we only seem to have one photo together, taken by my Mum on Ramshaw Rocks.


The post I did want to make: TRAILER!

To prove to edoraslass that I really have been working...

I've been on this since last April. Unfortunately it's turned out rather more epic than I first realised. (I thought the dead body would help- it was always going to happen, honest. It didn't.) But I am still in a state of writing it- but it's so tangled I'm not going to risk posting until I've had chance to look at the whole thing and tidy up a bit. Um, a lot.

But it goes a little like this (paragraphs occasionally cut to keep the length down):

(Oh, and the hyperlinks? Yes, in defiance of elendiari22, I'm going multimedia. But I would only listen to them. You won't learn anything by watching them. What? I was just trying to be fun...)

Oh yeah and... to those of my friends who I've so shamelessly... er, borrowed from... is it enough to know that this was because I thought your ideas were so awesome that they deserved fanon status at least?

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So I'd had Ask Hadley down as generally ridiculous, until I found she'd written sensible things elsewhere about the Angelina Jolie No-Boobs revelation (not answering my question about whether anyone old enough to be making that choice should be basing their decisions on What Angelina Would Do, but hey, it's the 'who who is old enough to even have a body image plays with Barbies?" question again, where I suppose I've been naive to ask), not to mention explaining what Hilary Mantel actually said (though I had heard it before). But I thought of her Tuesday fashion column as mostly silly, which it mostly is- until I read today's- where her comments about the Get Britain Fertile campaign went beyond that into mere sanity.

This freaked the hell out of me, and fearing the worst, I googled, only to find that the interwebz primarily agreed that this is a confederacy of twats and a pregnancy test manufacturer.


I also notice that the women most concerned that other women stop 'putting off' motherhood are (with the exception of Kate Winslet, who I think I'd already clocked had never contemplated how people who aren't millionaire multiple-Oscar-nominees by the age of 24 come to make these to her baffling decisions) mostly women who... have lived their lives exactly how they want other women not to, as if they regret having been able to their long maternity leaves and careers open from whenever they feel able to call nanny in, that still leave them a platform from which to piss on anyone who doesn't measure up. (Rather like those ex-serial groupies who got married and tried to persuade us all to guard our virginity until I Do a few years ago, do you remember?)

Okay, so Ann knows about this and the rest of you will have to try to guess the implication. You know I'm 29. You know I'm not so much searching for a 6-figure salary (my currency or yours) as more than £200 a month- not so much looking to buy a house as to not have to live with my parents- not so much seeking Mr. Darcy as... well, you know that bit.

I've nothing sparkling to add to this 'debate'- though I'm not sure that "oh, so you had a choice, or fancy you did: well, lucky you, not everyone does, or at least no sensible ones" qualifies as 'debate', any more than questioning whether it's worth asking whether people like me qualify as having feelings worth considering.

It's just that it's at times like this, an LJ is a wonderful thing.


Cancer Research UK Race for Life, Tatton Park, on Sunday. (Yes, there really is a lot of pink going on behind me and yes, it was a theme. I didn't wear nearly enough to fit in, really.)

Well that was a helpful experiment

Well, after 29 days of NaNoFauxMo, I have very slightly over 25035 words out of the aimed-for 50,000.

Now, I don't consider this a total failure. Some of this was my... I would say fault, but I'm not beating myself up about it; part of it isn't, not because things happened to interrupt it but because I hadn't laid the ground for it to make it clear: "I will be doing this writing, it will intrude on certain events, I will be looking for writing time on days where things are happening"; this was because The Government Inspector was on the 30th and 31st of March and there was no room for anything else in my head or my conversations with others, so you could say I hadn't laid the ground.

However, it's still a far more successful writing episode than I've ever had before (at least in terms of productivity- not sure how to sort out my plotting issues yet, but I believe the point is that you're too busy piling up words to get paralysed by that.

So, yeah, I'm carrying on. I've discovered that I can; I've discovered how I can. My secret seems to be not location (cafes are too interesting) or music per se (also too interesting) but playing spoken-word radio that is either not so scintillating that I want to really listen, or that I've heard before. Not as white noise exactly- I mean, I do hear the programme too I could probably outline the plot of the episode of 'Dad's Army' I listened to while writing part of the last scene- but it does provide two means of stimulation at once between which my mind can't possibly wander. (I suppose if I could actually type while I run that would be even better. Not that I plot while I run- when I run I'm mostly thinking about running- but it's probably similar- my head would be empty of everything I could be writing, or that I was planning to write at some point in ten pages time, and just be focused on what I wrote as I wrote it, if you know what I mean.) The quality of the work may suffer for all I know, but it's impossible to compare it to something that I might have written if my mind hadn't completely jammed up and gone off into designing costumes for La Fllle du Regiment and explaining to myself about the problem with that article that Hannah's mother linked to the other day. So now, after about 20 years' trying, I know how to do high-volume writing at a relatively practical speed.

(On the other hand, while I'm not going to post until I'm done, if anyone wants to read personally as a WiP, i'd be happy to. It's a bit lonely writing long-haul alone. I've realised now why I kind of chickened out of original fic- you're in it for a solo long-haul even after you've finished writing...)

Posting here first for once

'Cos I can't post on Facebook 'cos it's meant to be a surprise...

I finished my set that I knitted for my friend Emily's baby!

Not that me and Em are close particularly- we get along fine but we're not very alike- but as I've known her since we were babies, then I never felt too bad about letting the friendship idle for years and then doing something like this. It's too early to tell whether she's having a boy or a girl (I'm sure when she does she'll be dressing it as a Smurf or a marshmallow respectively) but I thought this was rather nice regardless.

In other pictorial news, have also made a passionfruit meringue cake for Easter.

Was rather fiddly (and expensive) but turned out pretty impressive in the end.


Hey, it's not like I was doing anything

Seeing as this seems to be a magical meme that actually works:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you several sentences from that story.

Yes, I will take it as far as EL did when she said: you are allowed to use any fandom you have ever heard me mention ever. I mean, EVER. Even if I've never previously written fic for it.

(Unless it's something I've never knowingly watched, of course. Well, obviously.)

Christmas Eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve baking

Well, will you credit it? I made Christmas cookies. And didn't realise what I'd said to just_ann_now until they were in the oven...

White chocolate and (dried) cranberry, if you were wondering (with finely chopped pecans) if you were wondering.

Now I need to stop eating them.

Still, I've already given one present- the sweater-dress I knitted for Sian, the Youth Theatre director (hey, I never posted on Mother Courage, did I?); she put on a convincing appearance of liking it anyway (true, she is a trained actor, but you can't think too much about it can you? it didn't look so good in the light of her office, actually, but it's the colours she wears and the sort of thing she wears, so I'm still confident). Now I have to make the skirt I said (to myself, true) that I'd make for Melenie. Well, at lest I've pulled myself together enough to make a post this evening...


What's in your bag? meme

From just_ann_now

I think considering I don't have a car I could do worse....

Here is my favourite handbag on Thursday. You can see that the bag itself is a bit faded and has multiple repairs but it's still good... (I also seem to have put the stuff down without moving the placemats off the table first. I don't carry those.)

* Swimming pool timetable
* Lightweight fabric carrier bag
* Foldaway pouch for same
* Notebook (currently MoCo notebook, but really general purpose one)
* Cafe Nero prize draw card
* £10 in cash (I'd left my wallet by the computer but Mum happened to have given me some money she owed me. Partly I tipped out the bag to find the £5 note she'd also given me. For some reason it appeared when I was putting on my wellies later).
* Paper hankies
* JSA booklet in plastic sleeve
* Bodyform
* Receipts, including but not limited to receipt for re-healing 7 shoes)
* Black biro
* Optition's letter
* iPod nano
* Two £ coins in a coin-counting bag (I overpaid in a cheque for German evening classes)
* Phone
* Back door key
* Super-compact umbrella and pouch for same
* Earrings and stones that have broken off one
* Rose-tinted Vaseline
* Blue Stylo-Gel pen, almost empty
* Lemon wet-wipes
* All four components (don't ask) of an Off-Peak Duo return ticket for the Northern Rail service from Buxton to Manchester, dated 28th of October.


Okay, so, overdue. Surprised? Of course you’re not.
Thank you for my lovely birthday pictures and videos! And to others on other media who… etc..
So, birthday. I had an opera birthday, yes I did! I went to English Touring Opera, twice! They were in Buxton for the 20th and 21st.

Post includes a mostly totally UNAUTHORISED picspam of ETO tour- hahaha!)Collapse )


Time to post something!

Meme stolen from concertigrossi (because I couldn't think what to answer for jay_of_lasgalen):

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. —Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for?


Happy Father's Day!

 Oh, it's lovely that my dad was touched that I'd even remembered. And I'm so lucky to have a dad who considers a new set of kitchen scales to be a present. (Cooking is the hobby that dad seems to not actually realise he has.) And then I could use them to make chocolate orange loaf cake:

not much to look at but tastes amazing (even though I found that about half the orange juice escaped being put in somehow, it was still in the squeezer-dish). A Nigella Lawson recipe, which I won't bother linking to as it calls for golden syrup, which I believe is not available to most of you. 

In other news, I helped at a show last night with BOH Junior Theatre, little sibling of Youth Theatre. WHOA. It's made me quite grateful to be working with the big boys and girls; it's also massively increased my respect for some of the kids in Youth Theatre who work with the little kids on Saturday mornings- I'm totally impressed that three girls of 16 and 17 are not only such awesome actors but can almost keep those little fuckers in line for two minutes. I suppose I might have had a chance if I'd met them before and knew their names- there's no point shouting "You standing on the chair! Get down!" when all 15 of them are bouncing of the walls shrieking. However, I managed to help them with all their props quite successfully, and do a special effect in the firework scene (with help of one of the kids, popping about 50 balloons that I'd spent half an hour tying to a banister rail, just to keep them out of the way) and I did as much as anyone else in the big clear up afterwards (glitter is SO damn difficult to remove. Still, unlike the woodchip in Animal Farm, at least it wasn't damp or smelly. There was just a lot of it...) and Sian gave me a WHSmith token and a Thank You card- almost embarrassing really given how little I did. (Oh, and also- I even ended up on the stage in the end. The kids, after their bows, started chanting: "SIAN! SIAN! SIAN!.." and after some resistance, she was fetched onstage. Then the two stagehands came out with a bouquet, which was very cute. Then the two other assistants came out with giant cards that the kids had made. Then I reached in and handed one of them a thank-you balloon- and she actually reached in and pulled me onto the stage, because I was also holding a box of silly-string cans that had been used for the firework effects (this was not my idea, btw- I'm not sure whose plan it was but the kids had all been briefed), with which the kids proceeded to attack her. Exit to huge silly-string battle (there was even one can left for me!) We props staff spent about 10 minutes picking silly string out of the bouquet (horrible stuff! the bouquet got it cold and damp, so just a little bit more like snot), but it was well worth it.

Whee!!! LONDON!!!

 OMG AMAZING!!!! Best time EVER!
Well, pretty much. As far as I can be bothered to remember.

Oddly enough, I have only one picture of elendiari22  (or indeed, me. Obviously there were far more interesting things to see.)

Oh, I wish I hadn't had to come home!